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Teeth Cleaning in Warren

Teeth Cleaning in Warren

Teeth Cleaning in Warren and Complete Checkups No matter how well you care for your teeth with daily brushing and flossing, there are certain hidden areas in the mouth where plaque, bacteria and food debris can gather. These harden to form deposits known as tartar, which could lead to conditions such as gum disease and tooth decay. Also, your oral health needs regular evaluation by a dental expert to ensure that any possible problems can be kept at bay. That is why the office of Miller Family Dentistry provides complete checkups and professional dental cleaning in Warren. Visits to our office for regular dental checkups are recommended at least two times a year. These visits allow us to keep track of your dental health via a thorough examination of your teeth, mouth, gums, jawbone, lips and throat. If we suspect that any signs of a dental problem exist or if you are at an increased risk of the same, we will advise you on the best course of treatment accordingly. For detection of underlying problems that we may not be able to see in a visual examination, we make use of digital X-Rays, which offers a safe way of seeing the health of your jawbone, tooth roots, and gums. We use the advanced DIAGNOdent technology for detecting cavities.

An important part of your regular dental checkup at our office is an oral cancer screening.This helps us to detect any early warning signs of the disease so that timely treatment can be administered to prevent its spread. We also perform professional teeth cleanings that involve a deep cleaning of your whole mouth using dental instruments to eliminate plaque, tartar and bacteria. Take the next step in protecting your oral health. Schedule a professional teeth cleaning in Madison Heights and complete checkup appointment with experts from Miller Family Dentistry. Call us at (586) 558-6684. Meet Your Dentist Dr. Miller is a member of the Macomb Dental Society, the MDA, the ADA, and the AGD. Schedule Your Visit Now! Leave Us AMessage Name Email Phone Call Us Now (586) 558-6684 MapGet Directions

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