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Get dental sealants from the office of Miller Family Dentistry to protect your teeth against tooth decay. Your back teeth (molars) have indentations and ridges on their surface. These become prime spots for decay to foster since they can house food debris and bacteria. Dental sealants offer protection to the teeth against cavities and decay by smoothing out the rough surface of the teeth. They are mostly applied to the first permanent molars that erupt in a child’s mouth.

A dental sealant is made of a film-like, clear plastic material that is applied to the surface of back teeth. This material fills the pits and fissures in the chewing surfaces of the teeth, forming a smooth surface that keeps decay-producing bacteria from depositing in the tooth, thereby decreasing the chances of tooth decay.

Sealants are mostly applied to children around the age of six, whose first permanent molars have erupted, and teenagers and adults who are at a higher risk of tooth decay. Adults with chronic dry mouth can also undergo sealant application. This is because the saliva offers some protection against decay, and the lack of it in the oral cavity due to xerostomia, leaves the teeth more susceptible to tooth decay.

The application of dental sealants is a quick and easy process. We first prepare each tooth by cleaning it thoroughly. The tooth is then dried and etched with an etching gel to help the sealant bond properly. The etching gel is washed off, and the tooth is dried again before painting a thin coat of sealant material onto its surface. Once the sealant dries, we check if all the fissures and grooves have been sealed.


To know more about the benefits of dental sealants for your teeth, please contact the office of Miller Family Dentistry for a consultation. You can call us at (586) 248-4438.

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