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Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards

Dental mouth guards and night guards are transparent devices made of thin, durable plastic material. They can be worn over the biting surfaces of the teeth to prevent contact between the lower and upper jaws. The use of mouth guards can protect your teeth against injury while playing contact sports. These appliances can also be worn at night while sleeping to prevent the teeth from grinding against each other (due to the occurrence of a condition known as bruxism.

At Miller Family Dentistry, we provide custom dental mouth guards that are made after taking several impressions of your teeth so that they provide a precise fit and maximum comfort while you’re wearing them. Custom made night guards usually last up to five years. Once they start showing signs of wear and tear, you can simply get a new one. This is a lot easier and affordable than dental treatments for replacing your teeth.

The potential benefits of using a night guard for bruxism are:

  • It protects the teeth from grinding against each other
  • Prevents tension headaches and migraines caused due to tooth grinding
  • Protects the enamel of your teeth
  • Helps prevent jaw disorders by relieving pressure exerted due to grinding
  • Helps prevent the development or worsening of TMJ disorder


A custom sports guard can help you in the following ways:

Protects teeth from being knocked out or getting fractured
Acts as a cushion to prevent jaw fractures
Acts as a buffer between the teeth and lips to prevent bruising and lacerations in case of impact
Provides a comfortable fit so that you can speak and breathe naturally while wearing it
Greatly reduces the risk of concussion caused by impact to the lower jaw


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