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Braces and Invisalign

Braces and Invisalign

Orthodontic treatments from the office of Miller Family Dentistry can help you achieve a beautiful smile with perfectly aligned teeth. We provide advanced orthodontic therapy that not only enhances your smile cosmetically, but also ensures that you have a healthy bite.

One of the revolutionary orthodontic treatments we offer is Invisalign. These are clear braces made using transparent plastic. They are custom made for you and essentially look like trays that can be worn over the upper and lower jaw. There is no use of metal wires or brackets, so no one will be able to notice that you’re undergoing some sort of treatment when you smile in public. Unlike metal braces, there are no dietary restrictions associated with Invisalign as the aligners can be easily removed for eating, drinking and cleaning.


Invisalign can be used to correct moderate tooth crowding in adults. The treatment involves wearing a series of custom aligners that are made by taking 3D images of your teeth. The aligners fit snugly over your jaws and make use of slight force to straighten your teeth. Each aligner in the series need to be worn for about two weeks and needs to stay on your teeth all the time, except when you’re eating, drinking or brushing. As you move from one aligner in the set to the next one, you will notice gradual movement in your teeth. Depending upon your treatment plan and the degree of misalignment, the set may consist of anywhere between eighteen to thirty aligners extending over a treatment time of 9 to 15 months.


For more information on how your smile and overall oral health can be improved with orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign, please contact our office for a consultation. You can call us at (586) 248-4438. Our experts will happily answer all your questions.

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