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Bad Breath Treatment

Bad Breath in Warren

Bad Breath in Warren Treatment Bad breath is a major put off for everyone. If you suffer from a chronic case of bad breath, you should seek a dental consultation since it could be indicative of potential issues with your oral and overall health. At Miller Family Dentistry, we help you get rid of your bad breath by determining its cause and working to eliminate it so that your mouth is healthy and your breath stays fresh. What causes bad breath? There are several factors that contribute to bad breath, such as infection or odor-causing bacteria in your mouth, certain foods, medications, and health conditions (including postnasal drip, diabetes, sinusitis, bronchitis, liver/kidney ailments or gastrointestinal disorders. If the cause of your bad breath is not a dental condition, we may refer you to a physician for proper testing and treatment.

Mostly, bad breath can be eliminated with a professional dental cleaning that scrapes off tartar and plaque from the teeth to freshen your breath. If we detect the presence of periodontal disease, we will conduct a scaling and root planing treatment to help you get rid of the infection and freshen your breath. To keep your breath fresh, do the following: Brush twice (for at least two minutes) and floss once daily. Remember to brush your tongue too! Use an antibacterial/antimicrobial mouthwash to cut down on bacteria. Drink plenty of water each day to help wash down food particles and keep your mouth from becoming too dry. Avoid tobacco products and drinking too much coffee or alcohol. Eat a balanced diet and keep sugary snacks to a minimum as they affect the acidity in your mouth and tend to produce an overabundance of oral bacteria which cause bad breath. If medications are causing dry mouth, consult your doctor so they can replace them. For more information, please call our office at (586) 558-6684.


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